Peggy (Jacobson) Pardo, born in Montreal Canada taught herself guitar at the age of 16 and has been singing all her life. She comes from a long line of musicians and entertainers on both sides of her family.

Peggy Pardo is a troubadour.  Her extensive background and wide range of life-experiences bring depth to her stories which bring hope and great enjoyment to her audiences everywhere.  She has a strong love for Israel and for the rich stories of the Torah which she teaches with gusto.  She is not religious but believes that the Torah holds the principles for living a rich and happy life for everyone. Peggy has a large repertoire including songs in many languages so that no one feels left out.  She has the capacity of remembering so many of the names of the people to whom she plays on a regular basis making each one feel special.

Having studied the Torah for 30 years, Peggy now teaches Torah for Life at a variety of the residences where she also sings.    She brings this wealth of wisdom to her classes and to her concerts. Her stories are exciting for the young at heart from youth to the elderly.

Call her at 514-924-6432 or email ( today to book her for your group or private party.  Her wide variety of music allows her to choose a program to suit your needs and your budget.

    This September will be my 19th year of entertaining the elderly.  I can remember when I began as if it were yesterday and I can tell you that I enjoy it more now than when I first began.  To me, it is more of a calling than a job.  It is wonderful to find our purpose, our place in this world and I can honestly say that I sense that I have found mine.  What makes it more special is that I know Who opened this door for me.

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    Every day I witness people who work with the elderly to whom very few pay attention.  Some are private caregivers; some are family members; some are staff nursing or even cleaning staff.   They go out of their way to make others feel special.  They don't only look at the ones who they are "paid" to take care of; they go beyond the call of duty.  One young lady busies herself making sure that everyone who is ready, gets to my music programs.  She doesn't think of herself, only of others.   As I sing I watch how a son of one of the residents looks around to see who needs help.  He honestly cares about people.  There is one very special young lady at Hope whose sense of humor lights up the place and she has a heart for making sure that her people are cared for. Instead of complaining about the lack of staff or the lack of money, these people and others like them seek every opportunity to give of themselves.   They are my heroes!  They are living the Golden your neighbor as you love yourself.  May their tribe increase!



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    During the sermon on the last Shabbat of Pesach, my Rabbi asked us "What is holding you back?" We have been freed from Egypt and were now ready to begin a new life free from slavery.  He always teaches Torah as it pertains to our lives today.  Pharaoh was proud and immovable and it caused his demise and that of his people.  Moses in contrast was a most humble man understanding his limitations but with the Creator by his side, there was nothing he could not accomplish.  I asked myself this very important question and realized that there are times when I am content not to push myself further than I think I can go. After all I’m older now. I am retired although I am still working but with the attitude of someone pressure; I can take it easier.

    The following week I received a call from a young lady, Dayna Rabin at Federation CJA. She wanted to know  if I would sing at two programs for kids and their parents at the Jëwish Y. My first impulse was, "I sing for the elderly"  Then I remembered "What is holding me back?" Instead of saying no, I told her that I usually sing for the elderly but I love kids so why not. I’m up for a challenge. Then the most amazing thing happened. I got a call from Zev to sing for his mother Peshale who had just turned 95 and is living at Maimonides.  I performed at her 90th birthday party and know her for over 20 years so I was happy to do that.  The amazing thing is that all her grandchildren were there so I focused on them.  We sang Pesach songs together, danced the hora and had a ball.  At that point, I knew I was ready for my meeting on Thursday with Dayna to talk about the event for the kids.  You can see the pictures on my photo album from this past Sunday. It was great.  I am so thrilled to know that when I say "yes" and walk through the doors that God opens for me along this path of life, there are such joy and blessings on the other side.


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Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775
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