I just learned that the story in the book of Esther is more of a midrash than actual history.  I love the fact that everyday, there is something to learn.  Whatever the reality is, the story of Esther is about a woman who was humble, obedient and courageous and who was used by the Almighty to save her people, the Jews.  She listened to her uncle Mordecai which shows that she had respect for her elders and was willing to follow their instruction.  Her beauty, inside and out, won her the position of being queen in the highest court of the land.  She was not pushy because she hesitated when asked to go to the king to plead for her people but when push came to shove, she was willing to go the extra mile to do what is right.  My hope is that all those wonderful women I know will learn from these qualities and always stand up for what is true and just in a world that is rapidly losing its moral compass.  I want to wish all my friends a happy Purim. May we remember that it is not about getting so drunk that we forget the name of Haman but that it is a time to stand up for what is right.  Let us always remember that the Boreh Olam, the Creator is always behind the scenes watching over his people.  Purim Sameach!

Imagine writing a blog at the age of 70!  I can remember getting our first tv when we lived on Esplanade. I was 6.  Where did the time go?

Well we have just finished these Holidays of Hanukkah, through Christmas and New Years 2018.  We live in a world where the latter two reign yet like Joseph who always kept his identity, I want to do the same. I didn’t always.  Growing up I never really knew my identity.  You see my parents were rarely home to help form what we kids need to grow up feeling safe.  Some people never feel safe because either the world they live in is far too dangerous or others like my generation who grew up after the war, with one eye looking back at the pain and the other eye looking forward to the hopes of what could be.  A friend of mine, Miriam says it’s because we weren’t licked enough.  They found that out through puppy research. 

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So many people were excited about the blood moons and that each of the Holidays had a lunar eclipse. I am certainly a person who is always looking for signs and to me this phenomenon was a display from haShamayim, the heavens for us to marvel at. As I watched the moon slowly disappearing behind a dark shadow, I wondered what our Creator was trying to tell us. Then I thought of our Sukkoth celebration that same afternoon. We gathered branches, decorated the Sukkah, sang, rejoiced, waved the lulav and the etrog and feasted. What a magnificent day!

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Shalom my friends: I wish you all the covering of our Creator during this coming year. May He bring sweetness, shalom and all the desires of your heart into your lives as we honor and are obedient to His call on our lives. Let us shine the light of Torah in a world that seems to be going mad once again. May our names be sealed in His Sefer ha Chaim.

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There is something that connects people to each other from all cultures and all walks of life no matter how rich or poor. I have met a lot of people in my life and there are always those who stand out in the crowd.

One such a person is Faigie who I met at Maimonides and from the first moment, we clicked.  Another is Wanda and and another Rosa. All these ladies are in their 90s and they all survived the Holocaust. Each has their story about survival at the greatest of odds and they all believe in miracles.

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Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775

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