I love performing at private birthday parties especially for those with whom I have a special connection.  Fay Azimov is one of those. We are connected at a soul level.  She has been through so much in her long life, surviving the Holocaust, living for two years in the forests hiding from the Nazis at 14 years of age.  She lost her entire family but her heart is soooooo big and her love for the Bore Olam is evident.  I guess that is where we connect.  I was blessed to sing his past week at her 94th birthday and this is what her daughter-in-law wrote to me.  “Thank you, Peggy, for all the blessings you shared with us. You made the party special and  Mom Faigele , who loves you so much, was so happy!  I pronounce you the best musician that comes to entertain our Mom and her friends! You are so generous to the patients and family members as well as the staff. God bless you and your family!
Lots of love and gratitude
You are welcome ….
Reserve next year for us, God willing….”      July 22 2019

Here is my Faigele…

Latest video on Zoom with Faigie February 18,2021






                                        Thank you Dayna Rabin for inviting me to do a Hebrew sing-along for Children

                                                 at Federation CJA- GenMTL PJ Library Chefs R Us: Israel Edition

                                                                  The kids learned how to cook delicious Israeli food

                                                  and they were delicious as they sang for Yom Atzmaut (May 5 2019)  Great FUN!



September 2019 I was so pleased to announce that I have been entertaining the elderly for 19 years.  It is my delight and my honor to work with them.  Here is a Youtube clip from an interview from last year’s Battle of the Bands which raises funds for our programs.  I hope that I can continue to perform for many years to come and will be able to continue to be a blessing and to be blessed!  As many of my friends say ” Bist a hundred un tsvansik  – Until 120…”

Yanet and I entertaining at Kastner Jewish Eldercare
















Yom Atzmaut Celebration at Donald Berman Maimonides














Enjoying the lights of Hanukkah


Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775
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