We are living in times when everything right is now considered wrong and everything wrong is right.  This is very close to what was going on at the time of the Macabbees.  It was a fight for the survival of the people who wanted to keep the Torah.  Let’s not make the same mistake that a group of Jewish renegades did then…to convert to pagan gods. There is only one God for all humanity.

Here is my concert today for the Chomedey Seniors Group on Hanukkah and the holidays.


I’ve been watching the news about the war in Kiev, Ukraine and it is so sad as are the many injustices happening right now on this beautiful God-given planet of ours. My great-grandparents were born there and it is supposed to be a beautiful city.  They lived in Kiev until they emigrated to Canada in 1906. They had to leave their home because of the pogroms. Imagine…the fake news back then was that Jews were kidnapping Christian children and using their blood to make matzah. How can anyone believe that? Then I think of the crazy things that people are believing today. I’m grateful that because of their courage to uproot themselves with 9 children and come to a new world, we could live free, we were spared from the horrors of the Holocaust.  But today our freedom is at risk.

I’ve told you that I started studying the Torah 32 years ago. It’s not a religious book. It’s a story of our people; it’s a book of principles that give us wisdom and truth, it’s a manual for how we need to behave to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  Moses was told by God, “When you go into the land and you grow fat, do not forget me.”  We are a very resourceful people; we have been in exile for almost 2000 years although many are back in the land. We have forgotten those words and when we prospered, we have forgotten our God. That’s why we suffer.  If you cut off a branch from the tree and it can no longer be fed from the roots, it dies.

What we see happening now in the world is not new.  Why are we surprised? The world has been at war since Cain killed his brother Abel, the first two children born to Adam and Eve. Although Canada has been a peaceful country, whether we realize it or not, we’ve been in a war for the past several years –biological or viral warfare which has forced us into isolation for the past two years; friends and families are being divided over religion and politics;   the people we voted into government are abusing their power and have slowly been taking away our freedom of choice;  but to me, the worst war that we are experiencing is the war against free speech. We’re no longer allowed to openly express our opinion without being mocked, called offensive, or some type of phobic. What this is doing is setting the stage for the censorship of God’s Words, His Torah, and especially His Ten Commandments written by His Hand. Ultimately it is a war against the Master of the universe. That happened with Pharaoh. How did that turn out for him?

I don’t want to listen to the words of the modern-day prophets who want to tell us that we are entering Armageddon or the War of God and Magog because the Torah says if they’re wrong, not to believe them.  I prefer to listen to what our Hebrew prophets tell us.  They help us to read the signs of the times.  Noah shows us that God destroyed the world in his day because every imagination of the heart of man was evil, and violence was everywhere.  Did you know the Hebrew word for violence is Hamas? Well, they’re not everywhere…yet!

The story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah shows us that when Abram asked God to spare the two cities and He said that He would if 10 righteous people could be found. Well, they couldn’t.  As far as I can see, the evil in the world has not spread to those levels yet.  Our prophet Ezekiel in chapter 38 tells us that our enemies will one day come against Israel when the chiefs of Gog, Magog, Meshech, and Tubal (all around Russia), Persia (Iran) Cush (Ethiopia) and Put (Libya)  shall say: “I will go up against the land of unwalled villages; I will come upon them that are at quiet, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates;” That day will come but that day is not today. Those days are described in both Judaism and Christianity as “Chevlei ha Mashiach”, the birth pangs of the Messiah.  The world’s birth pains are not strong enough yet so let’s look at what we can do today to be part of the healing of the world, to bring in Tikkun Olam instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

I had a revelation when I was in my teens, and I have lived by it all my life.  I seek out the root of the problem instead of putting on a Band-Aid. That’s what the Torah does for us. It shows us the root cause of diseases – physical, emotional, and spiritual, that plague our world.  So, do we watch the news and fall apart, or do we trust that God is in charge?  Do we continue to move forward to fulfill our calling, or do we cower in fear in our small corner of the world?  What is God asking of us, of me? The good news is, that as darkness grows, light can shine more brightly.  We can each learn to live and spread the light of the Torah wherever we go. We just need to read it.  It teaches us how to have true shalom in our lives, and how to choose to have joy amid struggles. Through its stories, we learn principles of wisdom that give us the tools to handle our daily struggles.  The solution is simple; the tough part is putting them into action.  Sometimes we’ll take two steps forward, and then fall one step backward, but we can always start again.

I host an intimate, relaxed discussion group every Wednesday at 8: 30PM EST. We do a little music, some conversation and we read the portion together.  It’s amazing what is revealed that we never knew was there.  If you’d like an invitation, send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you a link.


Many of us have little traditions that make us feel better. Here’s one of mine that I’d like to share with you. I say this beautiful Psalm of David every night and it helps me fall asleep knowing that Someone is watching over me when I am asleep and when I’m awake.  First I’d like to sing it to you in Hebrew as that melody touches the soul.  Then I wrote a modern version of it so that I can relate to the words even better.  I hope it brings you some peace and light.

Who are we as Jews that people love to hate us?  That’s a great question. It has never been easy to be a Jew. Many of us say “choose someone else for a change”. My father used to say that because he was beaten up for being a Jew… so was my brother and my rabbi, may he Rest in Peace.

I asked myself, what is expected of me as a Jew, and after searching all my life, 32 years ago I began to read the Torah, THE “Jewish book”. After all, if we want to know the truth about something, we go to the source. Right?

Guess what I found? The message is ridiculously simple, but sadly most of us seem to prefer complicated. The Torah deals extensively with this subject. Here it is in a nutshell: There’s the Creator of the universe, the Bore Olam who made everything. He chose certain people to talk to… one by one, beginning with Adam, later Noah, then Abram, and so on. To Adam, He gave one rule which he probably would have kept except that God also made Eve. Women are always getting us into trouble. That’s a joke, ladies!  I’m one.

Later, Noah heard a voice telling him to build an ark, God was going to send a flood to destroy the world because people were so violent. At the time, Noah was living on a mountain, and it hadn’t rained on earth yet. Today they’d put him in a psychiatric ward. After building it and warning others, for almost 100 years, only he, his wife, his three sons and three daughters-in-law got on together with hordes of animals and birds. His confidence level must not have been too high with that success rate. I’m so glad he listened because here we are, the entire population of the world is descended from that one family. Basically, all humanity are cousins…this is a family feud par excellence. One group was chosen to fulfill a role and that caused jealousy…a recurring theme in the Torah.

Another person down the road heard the voice again. Most of us know the story of Moses who led a lot of people out of slavery to the base of Mount Sinai. These were the natural descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, together with a mixed multitude which means non-Israelites had joined us, because they had been a witness to what our God could do, and they wanted to be on the winning side. There they stood, at the base of Mt Sinai; suddenly there was thunder, the mount shook, its top was on fire and sounds of shofars blasted from who knows where. After the first few sentences, they told Moses to listen to the voice and to tell them what God had said because they were far too frightened. Millions of people were witness to that voice from heaven. To which other people did this ever happen?

At that unique moment, God handed Moses the Ten Commandments, the principles by which all humanity could love their neighbor as themselves. Our mandate was and still is to live by these simple ten and to teach them to the rest of the world. The rest is commentary and application. Adam had one rule; we have ten.

Yes, we were chosen but not because we were such a hot item but simply because God decided to do so. We are not better; we have a mandate. We are the messengers chosen by the Creator of the universe. Simple but not easy. If we keep His Words, He said He would keep us safe and we would prosper and be healthy; if we disobeyed them, we would suffer the consequences. Look around…do we see any?  He also promised to deal with our enemies and do battle for us, His children.

How do we fight anti-Semitism today? We simply bring the Ten Commandments back into our schools, into our homes, into our government offices and into our courtrooms. Again, simple but not easy but when was anything worthwhile easy? No one on the outside can ever destroy Israel and the Jews. We alone can destroy ourselves from within.  My motto is #BringBackTheTen Commandments.


Peggy Pardo

Montreal Qc, Canada


Peggy Jacobson Pardo has been studying the Torah for the past 32 years. Her life has been filled with adventure in her search for truth. From her teenage years she “felt” a calling on her life that took her on a long voyage from medicine to alternative health, from hypnosis to the New Age, through a variety of religions including Christianity. In her 40’s, she turned back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Torah. In its page were ultimate truths that she found nowhere else. She entertained the elderly for 20 years at the Jewish Clubs and Hospitals in Montréal such as Donald Berman’s Maimonides, The Jewish Eldercare and Hospital of Hope. Her music and storytelling have been lifting the spirits wherever she entertains as a musical animator. After her rabbi died on September 20, 2021, Peggy was foisted into the role of a Deborah in her congregation where she has served as a founding member in 1992. She had been his right-hand man from that time, and he called her his best talmida. She presently writes and records videos on a variety of topics relating to applying the principles of Torah for everyday life.




We can each bring a little light into the world in our way.  Hanukkah is coming soon so let’s get out our Hanukkiahs and get our candles ready. It more than just a holiday where we eat foods with oil. It’s about remembering that our God is and always had been and always will be faithful.

Here’s the story of Hanukkah right out of the book of Maccabbees.


I know it’s still early but I wish you Hanukkah Sameach  – Happy Hanukkah

Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775

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