A musical animator doesn’t only sing and play an instrument. To animate means “to bring to life” and one cannot bring others to see life as hopeful and interesting unless they themselves see life that way and this needs to come from deep within. My journey toward doing exactly what I’m doing today has been a long and difficult one but also a very exciting one.

I believe that we cannot experience the intense joy that life has to offer unless we have also experienced the deep darkness of despair and made it through. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

What I find particularly exciting is that there is no age limit to finding one’s purpose in life and when we do, no matter how large or small, we are fulfilled. Some are late bloomers and find it only in their latter years. The problem is that many people lose hope; they not only give up on themselves but also on life. Life is a gift to be opened each and every day. Our lives touch others and each one of us is important in the grand scheme of things.

It’s more than 50 years ago now but I can still remember standing outside the doctor’s office looking down at his prescription in my hand to help me with the pain in my stomach. He said it came from stress.  He himself however, was grossly overweight and kept nodding off while he wrote the prescription.  I was only 17 yet I stood outside his office thinking, “He can’t even help himself so how can he help me?” So I tore it up and began my search into the realm of alternative therapies.

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Sometimes we whisper something quickly to God and, before we realize it, He answers. This happened to me in 2005.

I spend a lot of time talking to God and have been amazed over the years to see how often He has heard me and has answered in wonderful and unexpected ways. One day, I told God that I wanted to be a part of a modern day miracle of Biblical proportions. He heard me.

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Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775

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