Several years ago my rabbi traveled back from a conference in California and brought me a CD and a book of music by Debbie Friedman. I listened to it and was not really moved by it. I put the CD in a drawer with the rest of my older CD’s and forgot about it. A couple of years later I was looking for some new music to increase my repertoire and came across Debbie’s CD. I had completely forgotten about it.  I played it while I was doing some housework and it grabbed me. I left what I was doing and started to type out the words of four of the songs that really impressed me.

I slowly learned the lyrics and the melodies after working out the arrangements on my guitar.  I just couldn’t get these songs out of my head. A few weeks later, Rabbi Wolff at Maimonides approached me saying that he wanted to bring back a Healing Service that he used to do with Rabbi Lerner. He asked me to take a look at the booklet to see if I knew any of the songs.  You can’t imagine how I felt when I saws that four of the songs that I had just learned from Debbie were in that booklet!! So many of these types of things have happened to me over my life that it is hard for me to believe that these circumstances are coincidences. No, I believe that our loving Father has us in His wonderful Hands and that if we allow Him to, He will direct our paths and our endeavors.  The hearts of so many people have been touched by these beautiful Healing Services that I just love to do them. Someone at Maimonides once told me that this music is  better than any medicine for these people and called me ‘a doctor for the soul’. Baruch Ha Shem!  Thank you Debbie Friedman for your wonderful spiritually healing songs and thank you Rabbi Wolff for asking me to do them with you. Here is that CD.

Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775
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Songs to Soothe the Soul