This September will be my 19th year of entertaining the elderly.  I can remember when I began as if it were yesterday and I can tell you that I enjoy it more now than when I first began.  To me, it is more of a calling than a job.  It is wonderful to find our purpose, our place in this world and I can honestly say that I sense that I have found mine.  What makes it more special is that I know Who opened this door for me.

As well as singing, I have been deeply involved in my congregation for 27 years. It began with a prayer answered by Rabbi Netanel coming to Montreal.  He teaches us how to apply the Torah to our daily lives without being burdened with religion.  This is rare.  We keep certain Jewish traditions but apart from the traditional choices we make, and of far higher value, is the teaching that I am receiving.  Receiving these teachings alone, however, means little if I do not put them into practice.

I have watched hundreds and hundreds of people come and go. I myself almost left once but I knew that there was nowhere else for me to go because it is in my congregation that I am seen. No one can’t hide there. Most importantly, I want to be seen by my Creator. I can try to hide from others but I can never hide from Him.

Our Rabbi speaks about two spirals.  For those of us who “choose” to follow the Written Torah, our walk is a tough yet upward spiral. Even when we fail, or we fall, when we get down or lose it, whatever you call it-  it’s a momentary lapse as long as we get back on track using the process that Rabbi teaches from Torah.— our Halacha —first we acknowledge. We understand that faith is a  gift from the Creator and that He allows us to go to Him with our failings…that’s the hardest part… 2) we take a step of faith and deal with it  – we talk, fix it or let it go. 3). We make a choice to change directions and do what’s right. That involves our Free will. And 4). We rejoice knowing that He knows our heart, our Kavanah (intention) —knowing that we are being responsible by doing the right thing. We then watch tas we ride an upward spiral to fulfillment in our life. We look better, feel better BUT there’s also the downward spiral. I know people who are so bent on self-destruction that there’s little anyone can do.  The world is on a downward spiral right now because it’s choosing to refuse the Torah. Let’s make sure that we do not harden our hearts as much as Pharaoh did so that it’s too late to change the direction of our spiral. That’s our challenge on a day to day basis.

I believe that I am on an upward spiral. Some days it feels like I have gone backward or am at the same place I was before.  The spiral brings me back to the same place but at a higher level.  All this helps me to continue doing what He has called me to do.  May we all find our purpose on this planet so that we can make it a better place.


Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775
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