So many people were excited about the blood moons and that each of the Holidays had a lunar eclipse. I am certainly a person who is always looking for signs and to me this phenomenon was a display from haShamayim, the heavens for us to marvel at. As I watched the moon slowly disappearing behind a dark shadow, I wondered what our Creator was trying to tell us. Then I thought of our Sukkoth celebration that same afternoon. We gathered branches, decorated the Sukkah, sang, rejoiced, waved the lulav and the etrog and feasted. What a magnificent day!

That evening at home, I read what our prophet Zechariah had to say about Sukkoth…

He spoke of the Mount of Olives being split in half forming a huge valley when Messiah would finally come. I remembered standing on that very Mount eleven years ago, looking over the Kidron valley where so many people go to be buried so that they would be the first to be raised to life again. The Eastern Gate directly faces where I stood and the stories about this gate are awesome. That moment was so moving for me. I listened about how no king, army or anyone has ever been able to open that gate. It is reserved for our Messiah and will probably open during that great earthquake when that Day comes.

All the survivors of nations which had attacked Jerusalem will come up year after year to worship the L-RD of the armies….how very awesome! This is the Holiday that will be the most important one after Mashiach comes yet so few really take it seriously right now. Thank to our Almighty G-d for His harvest,  His provision,  and His promises to our forefathers that no matter how many would  come against our people, no matter how many  hate us and want to destroy us, He will always be our covering, our shield and our protection.

Chag Sukkoth Sameach.

Yom Atzmaut Sameach 5775
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